Pay contactless and get rewards

No more paper, no more waiting.

A VIP and modern experience

The new way to eating out at your favorite restaurants

No more waiting after the bill!

Simply leave when you’re done.

Receive cash rewards

Simply. Automatically.

No more waiting!

Simply leave when you’re ready.

  • Track your bill in real time on your smartphone
  • When you’re finished, you can simply leave with confidence that your bill and tip is being handled.
  • Adjust the tip up to 15 minutes after leaving the restaurant.
  • If there is a problem with the payment, you will receive a notification on your smartphone and you will be able to update your account immediately.

Get rewarded!


Automatically get rewards when you visit your favorite restaurants!

  • Accumulate cash rewards automatically with the BillMaster app
  • See the details of each restaurant’s reward program before you visit
  • Receive notifications when you’ve accumulated enough cash rewards and apply them to your current bill
  • View your reward history at all times

The modern restaurant experience

Check the bill in real time

Adjust the tip at any time.

Claim your rewards  


Consult your billing history

Follow your bill in real time & take advantage of automated payments!

  • No need to wait for the bill, the information is available immediately.
  • Stay in control of your expenses and ask for assistance when in doubt about your bill
  • Set up your payment settings once and switch to automatic mode
  • Save time! No more taking out your wallet and handling payment machines and entering the tip manually.
  • Make the most of your restaurant experience

No more paper! Help save the planet!

Did you know that..

  • the food service industry in Canada produces an average of 4.4 billion paper bills each year
  • most of these invoices are printed on thermal paper made with toxic chemicals, which makes each roll non-recyclable.
  • Paper bills produce nearly 3.6 million kilograms of waste per year in Canada.

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