The BillMaster Experience: The New Restaurant Experience

by | Jul 17, 2020 | BillMaster Experience

You’re on your lunch break, you’re hungry and you’ve been dreaming about your favourite restaurant all morning… When you get there you realize that the line is too long and the waitress is overwhelmed with bills and orders.

The situation forces you to change your plans and so you opt for the competitor across the street who serves fast food and quick snacks so you don’t arrive late for work…

Everybody has experienced something like this at least once in their lives… Furthermore, it is a known fact that the restaurant industry loses a lot of time and money every year due to inefficient table service.

Waiting tens of minutes for a bill, receiving a bill with errors, having problems with the payment system… All that is a thing of the past.

With the BillMaster application you will benefit from a much more modern, fast and secure restaurant experience.

This mobile application developed since 2019 by Montreal-based startup BillMaster Inc. aims to transform the restaurant industry and reinvent the customer experience by implementing a digital payment system, without any contact between the customer and the server.

The BillMaster experience: The restaurant experience of the future

When you arrive at the restaurant, you will receive a unique 3-digit PIN (push notification). It is by sharing or showing this PIN to the waiter/waitress that he/she can identify you and open a bill for you.

No need to wait until the table next door has finished ordering to get a copy of the menu, because the menu is already 100% digitized in the app. Once your choice is made, you can request the assistance of a waitress directly through the app and place your order as soon as possible.

Towards the end of the meal, you decide that since it’s the weekend, it’s time to celebrate and therefore order dessert for the whole family!

Just before ordering you have a moment of hesitation because you are not sure how much you have spent on this meal and your budget is pretty tight these days!

No problem! BillMaster keeps a constant record of all your invoices and even allows you to see your invoice updates in real time!

No more need to separate bills, or calculate exchange rates for tipping… BillMaster takes care of everything.

You can leave the restaurant whenever you want, without waiting for anyone else and you can adjust the tip directly from the mobile app!

The final payment is securely and automatically withdrawn from your credit card when you decide to leave the premises.
Satisfied with your visit? Would you like to give the restaurant your opinion? BillMaster offers you a quick and easy way to share your opinion after a restaurant visit in the comments & reviews section.

And that’s not all! BillMaster offers rewards every time you visit your favourite restaurants! Collect points and save money with the BillMaster loyalty system! Earn points for every restaurant visit and use your points to lower your bill! It’s a win-win situation!

Fancy a nicer restaurant experience? Download the BillMaster application now! Available on the App Store & The Google Play Store!

Download BillMaster Now !

The app is free to download & quick to install !

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