How Restaurants Can Leverage Data To Enhance Their Marketing & Customer Satisfaction

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Marketing strategies

Technology is becoming more and more present in all areas of business, especially the restaurant industry. Mobile apps and software are increasing efficiency in the kitchen area, the back office and the service aspect of restaurants. 

Wherever technology is being implemented, there is a potential for collecting data and using it to increase the quality and precision of service. Data can provide important insights into consumer behavior that can enhance your restaurant’s marketing in a major way.

Even though mobile & internet ordering is becoming increasingly popular, many restaurants are not leveraging this gold mine of data, leaving behind many opportunities and lots of potential revenue.

Understanding the buying habits of their clientele enables restaurant owners to know what their clients want, so they can improve engagement, efficiency and overall profitability.

Most business owners think they need to hire experts for these types of tasks, but modern affordable solutions like the BillMaster app can help restaurants collect the most important data and translate it into actionable takeaways.

How POS Systems can provide insight on customer behavior

Most POS systems and apps that integrate with them provide analytics and statistics to offer insights to the most popular dishes, peak hours and customers preferences. Using this knowledge, restaurants can enhance the quality of their service by optimizing their menu in the shape of their clientele’s taste and preferences.

If a certain dish is performing better than others, it would make sense to add other similar offerings to the menu, and in the same optic, remove certain dishes that don’t get ordered as often. Basically, POS data can help your restaurant save money by understanding the needs and taste of your clients in a more precise way.

BillMaster takes restaurant data analytics a step further by having an account associated with each client which gives the restaurant even more important information such as the age, customer profile and sex of the client to further assist in their future marketing efforts.

Partnering with third party apps to leverage data

Delivery apps and contactless payment apps can help your restaurant track important data like knowing when most orders or certain type of clients are coming in, and ultimately predict when is the best time to send out promotional deals to your customers. 

For example if a certain type of customer always orders the same dish on friday nights, it would make sense to offer them a promotional offer through push notifications on friday afternoons.

Knowing when and how to entice your clientele to visit or order from your restaurant can give you a huge advantage on competition. 

This type of data collecting is becoming the norm in the restaurant industry, and businesses who don’t jump on this opportunity early enough, will most likely be left behind.

Loyalty Programs to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

87% of consumers are open to brands monitoring details of their activity if it leads to more personalized rewards.

Modern day consumers have hundreds of restaurants ready to serve them at the tip of their fingers, on their mobile devices. 

How can you differentiate your restaurant from the competition in this new business landscape ?

After one restaurant visit, how do you create an incentive for customers to come back more often?

Meal satisfaction, staff efficiency and quality of service will always be the leading factors that drive customers to a certain restaurant over another. But from a digital marketing perspective, offering a loyalty program and personnalized offers can definitely set you apart from your competitors.

Through time, the data collected from your loyalty program can help you track and evaluate which promotions were a success and which weren’t and ultimately understand why, and how your customers respond to these types of offers so you can make better, more enticing offers in the future.

Customer Reviews

Another way loyalty apps can help restaurants deal with their client’s needs is by having a review feature after each order or restaurant visit. After a client leaves the restaurant, BillMaster automates the payment and tips. Finaly the app will ask clients to directly rate their experience and leave a small review which can give a restaurant owner an even deeper insight about his service, his menu & more.

How data can help you train your staff better, and improve their efficiency

Data can help your business identify which staff members bring in the most sales and therefore help you hire and train your workers in a more efficient way

Sales data can also help you determine at what time, and which days your restaurant is the most busy, which can help you determine when you need more or less staff.

In conclusion: Should your restaurant use data to improve the quality of service ?

Implementing data analytics may seem like a daunting addition to your restaurant marketing toolkit. But as analytics tools become more and more accessible, it will become easier to understand data and to apply the insights accordingly.

If you want to invest in a new technology or software, partnering with a third party app like BillMaster can be a cost effective method and a good first step into leveraging data to enhance profitability and customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, any changes that will improve the customer experience, such as reducing wait times optimizing staff efficiency should be a priority for restaurant owners.

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