How does it work ?

A VIP and modern experience

The new restaurant payment standard

1. Download the app & create your account

Scan a QR code (in some restaurants) to launch the App Store page on your phone.

Once the application launches, simply follow the step-by-step instructions. You will be asked for a payment card for your first restaurant experience.

2. Mention or show your Pin to the waiter

Once your account has been created, you will see a unique 3-digit code valid only for your current visit to this restaurant.

Simply communicate this PIN to your waiter/waitress so that he/she can open a bill in your name. Everything else will be automatic!

Are you ready to offer the BillMaster VIP experience to your customers?

3. Track your bill in real time

Then you will receive updates to your invoice in real time. You can decide to ignore them or to follow them closely, each to his own style.

4. Ask for assistance in case of an error

If you have any doubts about your invoice, you can use the “Request Assistance” function in the BillMaster application.

This will send a request to your server and protects you from incorrect payments.

5. Leave whenever you’re ready

This is the best part !

Nothing could be simpler: you can simply leave. You have up to 15 minutes after your visit to adjust your tip and change your payment card.

No more waiting and frustration – Welcome to the new digital era!

6. Adjust your tip and give your review


After your visit, you will have 15 min to adjust your tip and your payment card.

We will also invite you (according to your preferences) to leave a comment and/or an opinion on your recent visit.

7. Get rewards for eating out !

That’s not all! Your favourite restaurants now give you cash rewards that are easy to accumulate and apply to your visits.

There’s nothing to do – just visit your favourite participating BillMaster locations more often and be rewarded for your loyalty.

8. Consult your bill history at any time 

Your invoices are saved in your profile.

You can view and share them at any time.

It will soon be possible to export them directly into your personal budget software or professional / business accounting software.

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