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Automatic payments

Loyalty program

A VIP Experience

Faster table turning

Digital Invoice

  Automatic and secure payments!

  • Does not require sales terminals
  • Guaranteed against non-paiement
  • Eliminates the waste of time, errors and frustrations associated with manual payments.


of restaurant's revenues are from recurring customers.

  Build customer loyalty and increase your revenue!

    • Loyalty program customized to your preferences
    • Automated Reward Program Management
    • Build customer loyalty with cash rewards that are easy to accumulate and apply during visits.

    Innovative Restaurant

    BillMaster offers you an instant upgrade of your restaurant to smart, state-of-the-art features. 

    Eco-Responsible Solution


    You will reduce the amount of paper and ink used, some of which is toxic to the environment, to help significantly reduce pollution on the planet.  

    Payment Security


    With BillMaster, you are 100% guaranteed to get paid by customers. Several security measures have been put in place to guarantee payments.

    Increase table turnover

    • Guests do not have to wait for the bill at the end of the meal  
    • A faster table turnover means an increase in staff efficiency
    • Several minutes are saved per customer thanks to the automatic payment

    Minutes lost per table, per bill.

    Improve the quality of service!

    With the time savings, staff can provide faster and better service.

    Your customers no longer have to wait for the paper invoice: no more frustration and time wasting.

    Over time, you will be able to reduce your fleet of payment terminals and save more money.

    Quick and easy integration into your restaurant in 3 easy steps:

    1. POS update


    Installation of BillMaster on your existing POS system by our expert team.

    2. Staff training


    Personalized training by our team. Your staff will know everything on day 1.

    3. All set!


    Your customers can enjoy the new experience and earn automatic rewards!

    It’s time for your restaurant to go digital! 

    Accelerate the digital transformation of your establishment with a simple and effective solution. 

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